Mark Darby
has been practicing Ashtanga Yoga for over 30 years. He began with Sri K. Pattabhi Jois, the master of Ashtanga Yoga, in 1979 when he spent four years in Mysore, India. He is one of the few teachers worldwide who has attained the highest level of Ashtanga Yoga teaching accreditation and is certified by Pattabhi Jois to teach the original Ashtanga method.
Darby's teaching is dynamic and direct while giving students the essence of the energy of this yoga. His wisdom and warmth attract a vibrant community of students who are drawn to his humor, his attentive nature and his steadfast commitment to improving each student's physical alignment. Darby gives workshops all over Europe, Canada and the United States. He continued to spend a few months a year with his master in Mysore.
Mark Darby
terri mcCollum

was born in Mysore, India, the source of teachings of the Ashtanga Yoga taught by Sri K. Pattabhi Jois. He has grown up surrounded by the practice and principles of Yoga. His personal quest to deepen his understanding has led him to explore many traditions and to discover a common essence to them. His transmission of the practice is full of Love for the Tradition of the ashtanga system and carries a depth and adaptability that is bound to Inspire and touch the Heart.
He has been teaching with his parents in their Studio in Montreal, Canada and has been leading Teacher Training and Workshops in his country and Internationally

Terri McCollum
Ever since I can remember I have been interested in different tools for self discovery and expansion of thought. I believe this is what led me to meditation and the practice of yoga asana in my adolescence. Always active, asana was a great compliment to my other physical activities, and meditation a tool for calming and focusing my busy mind. At 19 I took my first trip to India to study more deeply and intensely the practice and philosophy of yoga.
That first trip took me to a number of Ashrams in Southern India, I developed a keen desire to know more about the history, language and culture surrounding yoga. This fascination led me to complete my studies in Asian religion and South Asia and to make several subsequent trips to India.
In 2002 I finally met Pattabhi Jois, his daughter Saraswati and Grandson Sharath and they became the foundation of my practice. I continue to travel to Mysore, India on a regular basis to practice with Sharath and Saraswati.
I truly believe the practice itself is the true teacher and through my faith in the Ashtanga method I hope to inspire and nurture my students to cultivate their own yoga sadhana.
terri mcCollum

  Yaelle Wittes was introduced to yoga by her mother at an early age and was immediately drawn to the practice. A theatre student with a passion for movement, she studied dance, and became certified in group fitness and personal training. She experimented with various forms of yoga, though from her first class with Mark Darby in her early teens, she always felt she was an Ashtangi at heart. She completed a 200-hour intensive training with Mark Darby and Shankara Darby in 2009, and has taken workshops with Pattabhi Jois, Manju Jois, and Kino MacGregor, amongst other inspirational teachers. She traveled to India for the first time in 2010 to practice with Sharath Jois in Mysore. She has come to learn through her own practice that yoga can be a source of healing, and helps develop self-awareness physically, mentally, emotionally, and energetically. She encourages her students to work deeply and also find a sense of play in their practice and themselves.

Anne-Marie has always been passionate about the arts, her little darlings quickly became, danse, music and literature. As a young adult, she began her journey studying literature and later changed her focus to dance. In 1996, she graduated from Les Ateliers de danse moderne de Montreal from which she came out with a bag filled with knowledge and thirst to continue learning! Over the years, Marion has worked and performed with many independent and celebrated choreographers from the Montreal scene. And then she made a valuable encounter: Yoga. Along the way she explored various schools in this art of living. Finally meeting Darby, Joanne and Shankara who helped her deepen her practice, and this philosophy of life shaded with the colors of the Orient.
In addition, traveling gives her the opportunity to imprint her eyes and her heart with enriching music from around the world.
Anne-Marie is also the mother of a beautiful little elf who with her magic reminds her Mother every day that the present moment is a pure treasure!

Marlène Bouchard explored with yoga at home in her early twenties, and found her path in Ashtanga yoga after her first class in this style in 2004. To deepen her understanding of the method, in 2009, she studied at the Main shala in India with Sharath Ragaswami and has been devoted to the Mysore practice with Darby and Joanne since. She has completed the 2010 Teacher's training with Darby and she has taken workshops with Rolf in Goa and with John Campbell. Motivated by her passion in Ashtanga yoga, she's completing an anthropological research degree to better understand the impact of this method in the practitioner's lives. She hopes that her teaching approach will allow one to see how all aspects of our lives is interwoven and how yoga can become a gateway to observe this whole.