200 Hour teacher training
with Mark & Shankara Darby
January 2015 - November 2015

Aspiring to become a yoga teacher?
Looking to greatly deepen you understanding of the Ashtanga practice?
This year long experience is for anyone who shows genuine interest in learning.

To register please contact:
Darby : markdarbyoga@yahoo.ca
Shankara: alchemyoga@yahoo.com

To Download the Application Form for January 2015 Teacher Training:
Click the following links:
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To see the March 2014-February 2015 schedule: click here.

Course content:

The initial emphasis will be to give you the inspiration to take your practice to a much deeper level, and to create an environment that is conducive to learning.
First will be a self evaluation, making it clear where each student stands, as to make the next step possibleā€¦to a conscious evolution. The principles learnt will be basic to asana but they are also fundamental to such approach as dance and martial arts.

Yogic Philosophy -
as the basis or inspiration to your approach.

Breath & Vinyasa - Learning the mechanism of breath and its affect on the physical body, on the emotional body, and on the mental body.

Bandha & posture - Optimizing and understanding bandhas and their affect on one’s body. Bringing this understanding to the various asanas with a clear purpose of circulating the energy flow in the body.

Drishti - Bringing the state of mind that makes yoga a transformative process.

Nutrition/ayurveda - Mixing ancient and modern views on this subject.

Antomy- Learning very specific anatomy that goes along with the course content. Basic anatomy will be part of the suggested readings. (Guest speaker)

Esoteric anatomy - to understand how this practice operates beyond the physical body.

Chanting - Learning basic mantras

Pranayama - Developing a pranayama practice that is suitable for each individual. Learn techniques that will energize your inner awareness and enhance your lifestyle in a positive way.

Meditation - Bringing a meditative state to all our practices, various approaches will be explored.

The second aspect of the training will involve gaining the confidence and developing the skills that will allow you to transmit your own experience through:
-Using words to give concise & progressive verbal instruction
-Adjustments, both safe and clear
-Reading into the postural and energetic imbalances of the students

Teacher Training Schedule
for January 2015- November 2015

Location: 4812 BOUL ST-LAURENT suite 101 (corner Villeneuve), Montreal
Hours: 10 week-ends of 16 hrs
and one 6-day-workshop of 40 hrs

Weekend Schedule:
Saturday & Sunday: 7:30 - 5:00 p.m.

January 17-18
February 14-15
March 14-15
April 18-19
May 30-31
June 27-28
July 18-23 **40-hours**
August 22-23
September 12-13
October 17-18
November 14-15

$2,600 before December 1st (Taxes not included)
$2,900 after deadline (Taxes not included)

Minimum deposit of 500$ (+taxes)(non refundable)
required to reserve space.

For membership to the studio for the duration of the workshop:
An extra $450 (+taxes)(non-refundable)will be required.

Payment Plan : (4 payments)
1 - Before December 1st: $500 + tax (After: $800 + tax)
2 - On January 17th: $1,000 + tax
3 - On June 27th: $600 + tax
4 - On August 22nd: $500 + tax

Sattva Yoga Shala is registered with
the Yoga Alliance (RYS).
At the end of the course, if the student
has fulfilled all the requirements required,
he will receive a 200-hour Certificate
of yoga training which is recognized by
the Yoga Alliance of North America.