For Newcomers

- If you are new to the Ashtanga Yoga practice, please join a level 1 class
or the Intro series.

- Please show up 5 to 10 minutes before the class to register.

- If you do not own a yoga mat, you can rent one at the studio for $1.

- If it is your first class, the yoga mat will be included in the class fee.

- Showers are available at the studio. Please bring your own towel.

Sattva Yoga Shala Etiquette

: Punctuality - Please arrive 5 -10 minutes early for class. Ensure you have
: enough time to place your mat and settle in before the scheduled start time.
: Phones - Please make sure your cell phones are turned off before class
: Valuables -Take all wallets, purses, and other important items into the
: studio. We are not responsible for lost or stolen articles.
: Odour - Please refrain from using perfumes and colognes before
: class as some students can be sensitive to these stronger smells.
: Clean your mat and yoga clothing regularly without strong detergents.
: Water - It is suggested you don’t drink water during your yoga
: practice so drink plenty one hour before the class.
: Food - Eat only a light meal at least 2 -3 hours before class
: Injuries - If you have injuries, are pregnant or have any other issues the
: teacher should know about, please inform the teacher before class.
: Physical adjustments - Hands-on adjustments will take place during the
: yoga practice and we assume you have no problems with this. If you would
: rather not be adjusted physically, for whatever reason, let the teacher know
: before class. He\She will respect your choice.
: Have respect for yourself, your classmates, your body and
: your limitations.

Mysore Class Etiquette

: -It is expected that you follow the sequence without adding
: or subtracting postures.
: -Variations can be given in the case that a posture is not
: possible for the time being.
: -When the teacher feels you would be ready to proceed into
: the second series postures, it will be taught to you
: individually and gradually. Please refrain from performing
: the asana of the second series randomly as there are risks
: to doing this. Be patient and allow the progression through
: the practice to be gradual.
: Feedback from you  is valuable and appreciated, please
: feel free to let us know about your experience here at
: Sattva Yoga Shala.